Hi, I'm writing to let you know that I am incredibly pleased with what your product has done for me. I've lost 20 pounds, all of my grey hair has returned to it's natural color, my blood pressure has dropped from 190/110 to 120/68 and pulse has gone from 115 to 64 but what I am most happy about is that my face looks 20 years younger. Check out the pictures I am sending you. Don't run out of this stuff, I Love it!

Charles Hendley

After having my second baby I got really depressed. I was fat, my hair started falling out. I became so anxiety ridden that I couldn't concentrate on anything or sleep at night. My life was falling apart and I wouldn't have blamed my husband if he had left me. My Doctor told me about some studies he had read about HGH and ironically that same day a friend of mine called me up and started telling me about " Dr-HGH." I said, "This is too freaky, I'll try it." Within a couple of days, everything began to brighten up. I began sleeping for the first time since Kim was born.

Within two weeks I could literally feel my body beginning tochange and the cloud which had been hanging over my head began to clear. I would recommend "Dr-HGH" to anyone. It saved my life, my sanity and my marriage,

Missy Cartwright St. Louis

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I have nothing to gain by writing this letter other than the fact that I like helping people. I started taking "Dr-HGH " four months ago and I can't begin to tell you all the wonderful things it has done for me. My hair is twice as thick, my complexion has dramatically improved and my wife thinks I'm Tarzan! I can actually feel my body growing stronger and more powerful every day. Do yourself a huge favor and try this stuff. If it helps you even 10% of what it's done for me, you'll never stop taking it, I know I won't.

Buz Risotti Queens, NY

Dear Sirs/Madam When I hit the magic age of 40 I started getting really nervous about my appearance. I tried dieting, yoga, hypnosis, you name it. Then a friend told me about "Dr-HGH" and it has forever changed my life. I'm firming up all over and I look 20 years younger than I did six months ago. I'm enclosing a recent picture.

Lili Anstronski, California

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Hi Just a short note to say "thanks" for your awesome HGH. I feel great, I look the best I have in 10 years and I'm rarin' to go. First letter of commendation I've ever written, you guys deserve it. Thanks again!

Ben Muscogee FL

To: Dr-HGH.
From: Marky Bleiss


Thought you might enjoy a snapshot of my new hair. I tried other so called HGH and they were all a scam. You guys delivered what you promised and I am forever grateful. Yo!

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